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    Managing your diabetes has never been so easy. The OKRA Starter Kit contains all the supplies you need at a price that’s 20% more affordable than other blood sugar test kits. No insurance is required for purchase, and our kits ship straight to your door for free. Simplify your diabetes management with OKRA today!

    Our blood sugar test kit includes:

    • One OKRA Meter
    • 150 OKRA Test Strips
    • 150 30G Lancets
    • One OKRA Pouch
    • One OKRA Control Solution
    • One Long-Lasting Battery
    • All-In-One Progress Tracking Log book
    • Quick Guide
    • In-Depth User Manual

    OKRA Starter Kit

    Our glucose test kit is the perfect starting point for managing prediabetes, or Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Get an instant reading in 5 seconds coupled with a one-touch ejection to make it easier than ever to manage your health.

    All of OKRA’s blood sugar test kits and monitors are FDA approved for quality, accuracy, and reliability.

    What's inside the OKRA Starter Kit?

    1. OKRA Blood Glucose Meter

    Our glucose meter makes it easy to get an instant reading within 5 seconds.

    2. 150 30G OKRA Lancets

    Our lancets are designed to minimize any pain involved in pricking your finger.

    3. 150 OKRA Test Strips

    Depending on your usage, our test strips will last you up to 2 months, at which point you can subscribe to our Refill Kit for more.

    4. Lancing Device

    Our lancing device has 5 adjustable depths to meet your comfort level.

    5. OKRA Control Solution

    Our carefully-calibrated control solution ensures accurate test results and reliability.

    6. OKRA Carrying Case

    Our sleek carrying case allows you to conveniently store your blood sugar test kit for easy access.

    7. Battery Included

    All necessary batteries are included with our glucometer kit, so you can get straight to testing.

    Beautifully Designed with Exceptional Quality

    Not only do OKRA’s glucose test kits include all the supplies you need to make diabetes management easier than ever, but OKRA users love the friendly look and simple design of our monitors.

    With sleek packaging that is both elegant and discreet, our kits actually look good in your medicine cabinet. Our thoughtfully designed products are one more way that OKRA helps our customers get back their life while living with diabetes.

    Superior Functionality

    Every OKRA monitor is rigorously tested and FDA-certified. Our kit has a 99% accuracy rating so you always get a reliable reading.

    Take a mini-tour of our facility to see how our products are made. We always use the most cutting-edge technology and the best materials available to make our blood sugar test kits.

    Our Glucose Test Kit Advantages

    - 5 second instant readings
    - Auto-eject function
    - No coding required
    - ISO-15197:2013 qualified for accuracy
    - Adjustable lancing device with 5 different depth settings
    - Reminder alarms
    - Up to 365 results stored in testing memory
    - Long-lasting battery life

    An All-In-One Blood Sugar Test Kit

    With the OKRA Starter Kit, you can test your blood sugar for less. Our all-in-one glucometer kits are extremely affordable and come with enough testing supplies to last up to two months based on your usage. No insurance or prescription is ever required for purchase.

    How To Use Your OKRA Glucose Meter And Test Strips

    Our blood sugar test kit is incredibly easy to use. We include both a quick guide and in-depth user manual with each glucometer kit, so you can start using it right away without any confusion.

    Watch our instructional video below or on YouTube for a visual demonstration of how to use our monitor. With OKRA’s glucometer, test strips, lancets, control solution, and a long-lasting battery, you can easily manage your diabetes from the comfort of your home.

    FAQs About Our Kits

    1) How accurate is the OKRA meter?

    Our meter has a 99% accuracy rating with readings which fall within 15% of laboratory value.

    2) How does the meter work?

    Once you’ve set up your meter, you’re ready to use the blood sugar test kit. Simply insert a new test strip into the meter, then use our lancing device to obtain a drop of blood. Lightly touch the strip to the blood drop and get your reading in 5 seconds.

    3) Do I need insurance?

    You never need insurance or a prescription to purchase one of our glucometer kits (or any of our supplies!). We’re committed to making managing diabetes convenient and affordable for everyone.

    Free Shipping

    Our kits and refills always ship for FREE with no hassle involved

    Quality Guarantee

    We pride ourselves on quality with a 100% money back guarantee

    Affordable Healthcare

    We put an end to overpriced diabetes supplies by cutting out the middleman

    Need more test strips and lancets? Subscribe to our Refill Kit, starting at just $0.15 per test!

    Superior Quality. Ridiculously Affordable Prices

    OKRA's costs are low, but our quality is high. We keep our products affordable by cutting out the middleman and shipping direct from our modern manufacturing facility. This way, you never have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

    No Insurance? No Problem.

    With OKRA, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have insurance. There’s never any insurance or prescription required when you order our blood sugar test kit. OKRA believes that everyone has the right to affordable and accessible diabetes supplies, so we’ve made our glucometer kits available to everyone. Our low costs allow everyone to manage their health with OKRA, regardless of their insurance status.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Our glucose test kits include everything you need to stay healthy. Our easy-to-use diabetes monitor, test strips, lancets, control solution, and a long-lasting battery come in a discreet carrying case that fits all of your supplies. With OKRA, you can easily manage your diabetes from home and on-the-go. Sign up with us today!