3 Benefits Of Using OKRA Pro Bluetooth Glucose Meter

3 Benefits Of Using OKRA Pro Bluetooth Glucose Meter

Are you diabetic and searching for a way to modernize your blood glucose tracking and testing methods? The tool you're looking for could very well be a Bluetooth glucose meter. Right to your smart device, you can wirelessly make a connection courtesy of a Bluetooth glucose meter’s abilities.

Because, through mobile app conductivity, you'll have a digital logbook of your readings, manual tracking of your levels will no longer be needed if you use a Bluetooth glucose meter. From the meter to the app, readings can be synced every time you test.

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed from using a glucose meter that has Bluetooth capability. Here are just a few…


Understand your health in a better manner. Get a clear diabetes management picture thanks to multiple data viewing options.

Data Sharing

With healthcare providers and family, you can now share data easily. After you test your blood glucose, contacts who are chosen by you can receive smartphone notifications. To view your health data, an easy-to-read chart can be emailed and exported.


Connected, convenient health data. All in one place, you can track your carbs, weight, insulin, and glucose. So you never miss a test or dose, you can receive testing or medication reminders. With logs, graphs, and color-coded charts, you can view your health data and readings.

Would you like to purchase a Bluetooth glucose meter?

Introducing The OKRA Bluetooth Glucose Meter

Allow us to introduce you to the newest diabetes management technological advancement – our OKRA Bluetooth Glucose Meter. To supply you with personal comprehensive diabetes information, this meter syncs with our glucometer app. That means you can live healthily, stay safe, and enjoy life to the max.

We understand – both as individuals and a company – the requirements of your family and yourself when living with diabetes. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. With all of the things you need to do – keeping track of your diabetes management tools, keeping your sugar levels safe throughout the day, and testing your blood sugars – it can seem mind-boggling. Your schedule is likely already busy, so self-management of the condition just makes life more complicated.

Helping to keep self-management convenient and simple, our OKRA Care products can assist in removing the stress, inflated costs, and confusion from living with diabetes.

Order Your OKRA Pro: Bluetooth Glucose Meter Today!

We are OKRA Care – a premier, innovative supplier of medical diagnostic equipment.

With us, you can enjoy stress-free, affordable diabetes management solutions. We are a leading brand of test kits and glucose meters and have been working in the industry for more than 25 years.

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