A Guide To Buying OKRA Care Diabetic Supplies

A Guide To Buying OKRA Care Diabetic Supplies

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it will likely be a lifelong condition. If you don't monitor and control your blood glucose carefully, you could experience major health complications. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand diabetes medications and testing supplies, and also know how to buy them.

You can count on OKRA Care diabetic supplies to be instrumental in helping you manage your diabetes. We are one of the most innovative suppliers of medical diagnostic equipment. We are a leading glucose meter/testing supply brand that offers solutions for managing diabetes that are convenient and affordable.

You can purchase your OKRA Care OKRA Pro Starter Kit Bundle your OKRA Care diabetic test refill kit, and more on our website.

By using tools from OKRA, like a glucose monitor, you will learn how to test your blood glucose regularly. When you're supposed to, you will take diabetes medications. In this manner, it will be much easier to live with the condition. Just like you manage other life aspects, you can self-manage your diabetes with a little practice. Over time, your ability to be active and your quality of life will improve.

Diabetes Supplies

There are a couple of types of diabetes that will determine what you need to purchase. There is type II diabetes and type I diabetes. Here are some supplies you may need:

  • Emergency alert bracelet
  • Glucose tablets
  • To get a blood sample from piercing your finger, you will need lancets (some people prefer to use a lancing device in combination with lancets)
  • Test strips
  • Glucose meter
  • For those with type I diabetes, to measure ketone levels, urine test strips may be needed

How to Use a Lancet to Test Your Blood

There are different gauges for lancets that determine the size and length of the needle contained within. Higher numbers mean smaller, thinner needles (though that seems reversed, it is not). If you have rough or thick skin, you may wish to go with a larger needle. Many people believe that smaller needles cause a bit less pain, however.

Here's what to do with a lancet:

  • A lancet is a molded piece of plastic containing a thin, small needle. With this, you will poke your fingertip.
  • Onto a test strip, you will place the resulting drop of blood.
  • Into the glucose meter, place the test strip.
  • On the meter, you will see your blood glucose level displayed.

Depending on the reading, you may need to change your dose of insulin.

Glucose Meters

Batteries are used to operate the small devices referred to as portable glucose meters. There are disadvantages and advantages to each type. Some vary in accuracy, quick response, convenience, etc., so they may command a higher price. Compared to others, some require more blood. Digital readouts may vary in size.

You will make daily adjustments depending on your glucose monitoring results. Some of these can include the following:

  • Physical activities
  • Exercise regime
  • Counting carbs/dietary choices
  • The amount of insulin/medication you take

Storing Supplies and Medications

Full instructions will be given to you by your diabetes educator or doctor. Refrigerator storage is recommended for some insulins, per manufacturer. It can be painful, however, to inject cold insulin. Insulin should never be stored in a hot location or frozen.

Many people with diabetes prefer to store their supplies in a bedroom or kitchen drawer. That way, available for use, everything they need is together (think alcohol swabs, insulin, lancets, syringes, glucose monitor, etc.). 

What's crucial is that you never, ever run the risk of being without the medicine and/or supplies you need!

Need Diabetic Supplies? 

OKRA can provide assistance with our stress-free, affordable diabetes management solutions. To get started with your diabetes management journey with us, sign up today for 15% off our starter kit and get free shipping! Call us at 833-977-1339 to find out more!

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