Glucose Meters and Accuracy: What You Need To Know

Glucose Meters and Accuracy: What You Need To Know

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By Dan Lee

Is the OKRA Care Meter Accurate?

The short answer is yes. OKRA Care meters are extremely accurate. They are FDA-approved and more affordable than most test kits that are currently on the market. No insurance is needed when purchasing OKRA Care test strips, and the affordability of our meters makes them an excellent choice for managing your diagnosis at home.

How Accurate Is the Average Glucose Meter?

As a diabetic, you may be wondering how to determine glucose meter accuracy. Keep in mind that in order to be approved by the FDA, each glucometer device on the market must meet strict accuracy requirements. Contrary to what many people think, glucometer accuracy is not just a number — it’s about the range that the results fall into. The results themselves will naturally vary depending on the manufacturer’s design and the settings on the device.

Every FDA-approved glucose meter sold within the United States has to fall within an approved range of accuracy. OKRA Care glucose meters always fall within 12-15% of that range in meeting with ISO 15197 standards. You can rest assured that the results on each test strip can be trusted to help you make better health management decisions.

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy Across Brands

More often than not, there is a natural variance between the values in different types of test results. The nature of insulin itself plays a big role in this variance. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if a reading is accurate when each device provides a slightly different reading, and this can make the job of selecting a brand even more difficult.

When selecting a device to manage your health, it’s important to choose a meter that has FDA certification so that the readings will give you an accurate range. This, in turn, will give you peace of mind about glucose meter accuracy. As mentioned above, the accuracy of OKRA Care’s glucometers makes our devices an excellent choice!

Never Use Two Meters At The Same Time

When choosing a glucose meter, it is important to do your research around the issue of blood glucose meter accuracy and find a meter that suits your needs. However, once you’ve found “the one,” you need to stick with just that one and resist the urge to compare results between brands.

As we explained at the start, glucometer accuracy is about a range rather than a number, and test results between manufacturers can vary. This can be extremely confusing when you’re trying to regain control of your health and could be frustrating or discouraging in understanding your results.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with OKRA Care


OKRA Pro Starter Kit Bundle were created with one goal in mind — to empower you to take charge of your health. With our proven blood glucose meter accuracy and direct-to-customer business model, we are able to offer hospital-grade devices and test strips for 20% less than the standard price. Simplify your health and manage your diabetes effectively with the accurate test strips from OKRA Care.


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