How To Use OKRA Glucose Meter

OKRA News #03

By Diane Hwang

The OKRA Care Glucose Meter is an excellent tool to help you monitor your diabetes and keep your health on track.

Here is how it works

What does the Starter Kit contain?

The OKRA Care Glucose Meter kit contains different resources and devices that can help you get in front of your diagnosis and make testing as easy as possible. The kit contains:

  • OKRA Care Glucose Meter
  • Lancets
  • OKRA Care Test Strips
  • Lancing Device
  • OKRA Care Control Solution Level 2

Setting Up Your OKRA Care Glucose Meter

The Buttons:

  • Up Button
  • Down Button
  • Power Button

Turning It On:

  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds until you hear the beep
  • Set the activity option to on or off
  • Press the power button again to save the setting
  • Set the date and time and use the power button to save

Next Steps:

  • Choose how many days you want for your average readings and save (Access up to 365 past blood glucose readings)
  • Then select if you want the alarm function to be off or on, save
  • Select the time for your alarm to go off

How to Set Up the Lancing Device?

Here is how to set up your Lancing Device:

  • Take off cap of the device
  • Put the OKRA Care lancet into the device
  • Twist off the rounded cap
  • Put the cap back on
  • Turn the dial from 1-6 to get your setting
  • Pull the end of the lancing device until you hear a click

Performing a Blood Glucose Test

  • Take a test strip from the bottle and close the lid
  • Insert the test strip into the meter
  • Make sure the code on the meter matches the code on the bottle
  • Wash hands and dry
  • Use the lancing device to get a drop of blood
  • Lightly touch the blood with the strip in the meter
  • Your results will pop up within 5 seconds
  • Save and hit power to turn off
  • Take used test strip out of the meter

Now you know how to use your OKRA Care starter kit. OKRA Care was created with simplicity to make it easier than ever to manage your diabetes on your schedule. Our subscriptions are customizable to fit your unique usage and needs.


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