Monitoring Your Diabetes At Home With OKRA Care Glucose Meter

Monitoring Your Diabetes At Home With OKRA Care Glucose Meter


By Diane Hwang

OKRA Care Glucose Meter provides you a simple and affordable way of managing your diabetes at home. We’ve put together this guide to help you get started.  

What’s in Your Starter Kit?

The OKRA Care Glucose Meter kit contains different resources and devices that can help you get in front of your diagnosis and make testing as easy as possible. The kit contains:

  • OKRA Care Glucose Meter: This is the digital device that measures your blood glucose and gives you a near-instant reading.
  • Lancets: These are the tiny metal “pinheads” that you use to prick your finger. Each lancet should be used only once and then disposed of safely.
  • OKRA Care Test Strips: These are the small strips that you insert into the glucometer and infuse with a drop of blood.
  • Lancing Device: This is the device that you use to prick your finger and draw blood. Our lancer offers six different depth settings to accommodate different skin types.
  • OKRA Care Control Solution Level 2: This solution is used to check the accuracy of your blood sugar readings. If the control solution gives a reading within the range stated on the bottle, your OKRA Care glucometer is accurate.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: As it’s a digital device, you need a battery for using a glucometer. We have provided a long-lasting battery with your meter so you’re ready to use it straight away.
  • All-In-One Progress Tracking Log Book: Your logbook is the place where you will record the date and time of each test, together with any factors affecting testing (before or after a meal, before or after medication, before or after exercise). You can look back over your results over time to see how you’re going with managing your diabetes.
  • Quick Guide: We’ve explained everything you need to know in order to get started with our summarized quick guide.
  • In-Depth User Manual: Find comprehensive information about set-up, settings, error messages, and maintenance with our in-depth user manual.

Setting Up Your Glucometer

Using an OKRA Care glucometer is a straightforward process that only takes a couple of minutes:

  • Turn on your OKRA Care glucometer by holding down the power button.
  • Use the up and down arrows to set the date, time, testing frequency, and testing alarms.
  • Tap on the power button to save.

Setting Up Your Lancing Device

Here is how to set up your Lancing Device:

  • Take off cap of the device
  • Put the OKRA Care lancet into the device
  • Twist off the rounded cap
  • Put the cap back on
  • Turn the dial from 1-6 to get your setting
  • Pull the end of the lancing device until you hear a click

Steps to Performing a Blood Glucose Test

Simply follow these steps to perform your blood glucose test:

  • Take a test strip from the bottle and close the lid
  • Insert the test strip into the meter
  • Make sure the code on the meter matches the code on the bottle
  • Wash hands and dry
  • Use the lancing device to get a drop of blood
  • Lightly touch the blood with the strip in the meter
  • Your results will pop up within 5 seconds
  • Save and hit power to turn off
  • Take used test strip out of the meter

As you’ve seen, using a glucometer is a quick and easy process that’s clean, safe, and fully portable. And with our instructions on how to use a glucometer step by step, you’ll be able to complete your tests at home. All of the items you need are included in the OKRA Pro Starter Kit Bundle.

How To Use Glucose Test Strips?

Diabetes test trips are a simple and quick way of testing your blood sugar, also known as blood glucose levels. This testing is essential for people living with diabetes. These test strips work by “reading” the blood sugar levels displayed on the glucose meters. This allows diabetics to manage their disease effectively since they are aware of their own blood sugar levels. When they check their blood glucose regularly, they can then learn what type of food, medications or activities are good or bad for their blood sugar level.

To use a glucose test strip for checking the blood sugar, you need to first place a test strip into the blood glucose meter. Next, prick the skin on your fingertip using the lancet, which is the meter’s small, sharp needle. Squeeze a drop of blood, and let the blood touch the edge of the test strip. In a few seconds, the glucose meter will be able to provide an accurate blood sugar reading.

However, you should only use the test strip once, meaning you will have to use a new test strip each time you need to test for your blood sugar. It is advisable for you to consult your doctor as to how often you need to check your glucose level. If you have type 1 diabetes, you could be required to test up to 10 times a day. But if you have type 2 diabetes, it could just be two times a day instead.

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