What Is Glucose Control Solution Used For?

What Is Glucose Control Solution Used For?

By utilizing a control solution, you can quickly check at home if your blood glucose monitoring device is functioning properly. Using this solution to test your blood glucose meter ensures that your supplies are correctly calibrated to provide reliable results. By utilizing a control solution regularly, you considerably reduce the possibility of inaccurate blood sugar level readings and lessen the impact it has on your overall health.

What is a Control Solution?

A glucose control solution is a fluid that is composed of buffers, glucose, microbicides, and water. While it may be enticing to use the results of a control solution test to determine the readings of your meter, the differences in properties between blood and control solution stop this from being a feasible solution approach to check its accuracy. Instead, it indicates if your newly obtained meter and diabetic test strips are in good working order or defective. The enzymes involved in these tests are delicate and can be compromised during shipping since they are particularly susceptible to extreme conditions.

Performing a Control Solution Test

The test can be carried out in the same way as how blood glucose tests are done. You can also use the control solution test as a practice to familiarise yourself with your blood glucose monitoring device. To get started, you need to obtain a new test strip and add it to your meter.

Proceed to shake the bottle of control solution thoroughly. Allow one drop to depart the bottle and thoroughly clean the bottle tip before dispensing a second drop onto a solid surface. Keep the test strip in contact with the sample until it is saturated with enough control solution.

Observe the meter as it analyzes the strip and keep an eye on the result. Compare the test strip result to the control solution range displayed on the test strip vial. After the test, be sure to properly dispose of any used test strips and store the supplies.

Recommended Usage of a Control Solution

Although it is recommended to employ a control solution weekly, it may be required several times during the lifespan of a blood glucose meter for several situations. It is strongly advised to do a test when you have accidentally dropped your equipment or have exposed it to harsh conditions such as direct sunlight, humidity, or temperature. The majority of control solutions for glucose meters have a shelf life of ninety days from the date the vial is first opened. It is usually recommended to use the control solution before the expiry date written on the box and to throw the bottle after the period listed by the manufacturer.

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