Adjustable Lancing Device

Adjustable Lancing Device

An adjustable lancing device plays a key role in diabetes management because it draws the blood needed to evaluate one’s blood glucose values. However, there are many models on the market and you want to choose one which is dependable and as painless to use as possible.

About Adjustable Lancing Devices

Lancing devices consist of dual components, which are the lancet or needle which will be used for pricking the finger, and the accompanying unit. This unit is responsible for launching the lancet inside the skin which draws a small amount of blood. They resemble writing pens but have a circumference that is wider. While lancets can be used by themselves, without an accompanying launcher, most diabetics prefer the full device because the blood extraction process is faster with reduced pain.

When selecting a model, you want the thinnest and smallest needle available, as these cause less discomfort. However, if your skin is too thick, the smaller needles might not be able to penetrate it. Therefore, selecting the right lancet for your skin might require experimentation. Be sure to always wash your hands prior to using the device and you’ll next need to choose the proper depth. This is a process that will take practice. You’ll want to begin with the lowest possible depth, and if it gives you an adequate blood droplet, that’s great. Otherwise, you’ll want to carefully increase the depth until you’re drawing enough blood for analysis.

Benefits of Adjustable Lancing Devices

The lancing units sold by OKRA are versatile and will enable you to set your needle depth for when it enters the skin, which results in consistent and reliable blood drawing. Models come in two types, which are spring-loaded and cam-driven.

Spring-loaded lancets only allow users to load a single lancet at one time. Their main benefit is that they come with a mechanism that is spring-loaded which means they are applicable to locations other than the finger. So those that want to draw blood from another region of the body will find these models to be a great choice.

Cam-driven lancets enable users to add multiple lancets simultaneously. This means that each time you utilize the device for pricking a finger; all you have to do is turn its cam to use a lancet which is fresh. These models are most useful for diabetics that frequently have to use their lancing devices while traveling, and don’t wish to store the lancets and device separately.

Why Choose OKRA Care’s Diabetes Supplies?

OKRA sells the industry’s highest quality adjustable lancets. They are conveniently packaged and manufactured in South Korea which has a state-of-the-art medical system and economy. They are affordably priced and do not require insurance of any kind. Best of all, we do not charge any hidden fees and your merchandise can be sent with free shipping. Most important, every product showcased on our site has been extensively tested and received FDA approval.

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