Certified Quality

Certified Quality

High-quality glucose monitoring systems come in the form of miniature computerized devices, which can display and measure one’s blood glucose. They are especially helpful to diabetics since they provide crucial information regarding how exercise, medication, stress, and food alter blood glucose levels.

About High-Quality Glucose Monitoring Systems

These products come in multiple forms, and many can be used at home. They include basic systems which are only capable of interpreting blood glucose to advanced models that can store data for later use. The cost for glucometers can vary and as a consequence insurance companies might not always cover it. Once you’ve purchased a meter that suits your need, consult with your physician to learn how to use it properly.

Depending on your healthcare requirements, you might want a glucometer with special features. For example, a diabetic whose vision has become compromised will want a model that uses either a high-resolution screen or prompts and commands which are provided verbally. The accuracy readings will be determined by multiple factors, such as the test strips you use, and the quality of the meter itself.

It is also important to ensure that your hands are clean when performing testing. If there is lotion, food, or beverage residue on the fingers this may adversely affect the readings. Finally, those that use alcohol swabs will want to let the area completely dry out prior to testing.

Benefits of High-Quality Glucose Monitoring Systems

Premium glucometers will always provide numerous benefits. They are simple to read and use and don’t take a long time to provide a reading. While ten seconds may not sound like much time, it can matter when you’re using the glucometer multiple times a day and have a busy schedule.

What is the ease of maintenance? Glucometers have to be cleaned from time to time and this should be a quick and easy procedure. You may want to avoid devices that need to be calibrated as they can be tedious to use. Another essential feature is the ability to store readings. Tracking blood glucose matters for extended term care, so you want a device that can store records unless you prefer to write them down manually in a notebook.

However, those who have a busy lifestyle or difficulty manually keeping track of the numbers will want a model with memory options, as they often have logs that can be retrieved later. There are also models which generate a file that is downloadable and capable of syncing with the computer and sending it to nurses or doctors.

Manage Your Diabetes With OKRA Care

OKRA carries the market’s highest quality glucometers. Our models are affordable and state of art, incorporating features such as sound capability, backlit screens that make the units easier to read in dark or low-lit conditions, and multiple levels for memory storage.

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