Diabetes Breakfast Recipes

Diabetes Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is widely considered the most important meal of the day, but many of the standard foods eaten for breakfast are not good for diabetics, so below are some diabetes breakfast recipes that are both healthy and delicious.

About Diabetes Breakfast Recipes

There are five recipes highlighted here, which include overnight oatmeal, egg sandwich, vegetable omelet, avocado-egg toast, and blueberry smoothie. All are simple and quick to make with healthy ingredients that will get you started on your day.

What Foods Should I Avoid If I Have Diabetes?

Those with diabetes want to avoid foods that are rich in sugar or carbohydrates. It is also wise to avoid fried meats, processed grains including white flour and rice, breakfast cereal, and tortillas. Drinks to avoid include sweet tea, sports beverages, fruit juice, and coffee. It is best to keep it simple and stick to water.

Overnight Oatmeal

This dish only takes five minutes to prepare. Its ingredients include cinnamon, chia seeds, oats, hemp hearts, shredded apple, Greek yogurt, and milk. Take a container that is two cups in size, and stir the oats, hemp hearts, and cinnamon and chia seeds together. Next, add and mix the shredded apple and Greek yogurt. Then pour in the milk and then stir until the mixture is smooth. Once this is done, put the container inside a fridge and let it chill for a minimum of two hours. You can also do it before bed and leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.

Egg Sandwich

For this recipe, you’ll need pickle relish, sour cream, salt, chopped celery, mustard, mayonnaise, two hard-cooked styled eggs which have been cooled, and wheat bread with lower fat. Cut both eggs in two, remove their yolks, discard one of the yolks, and then mash the other yolk inside a miniature bowl.

Now add the pickle relish, sour cream, salt, mustard, and mayonnaise to the egg bowl. Stir it well to mix, and then add the celery, then chop up the egg whites and add them to the yolk mixture. Place the mixture on bread and serve.

Vegetable Omelet

For this recipe, the ingredients include three tablespoons of coconut oil or butter, 1.5 cups of chopped scallions, two minced garlic cloves, one diced tomato, one cup of diced bell peppers, three or four eggs, one cup of chopped spinach leaves, and 1.4 cups black pepper, 1.4 cup cumin seeds, ¼ cup chili powder, and ¼ cup coriander. You’ll want to place scallions in a separate bowl with the garlic, and put peppers and tomato in another bowl. Heat butter/oil within the skillet on the stove, after it melts, place garlic with scallions and stir. Next, add peppers and tomatoes and cook, and then whisk spices and eggs then sprinkle in the spinach and finally lift the omelet on one side using a spatula so it folds.

Avocado-Egg Toast

The ingredients for this include a half slice of low carbohydrate bread, ½ ripe avocado, salt, one egg, and pepper. You’ll want to toast the bread until it becomes golden brown, then cook the egg, either by poaching, boiling, or frying it, and then mash avocado within the bread and spread.

Blueberry Smoothie

This recipe’s ingredients include almond milk, vanilla, pea-based protein powder, and blueberries. Combine all these ingredients and put them in a blender at high speed. Then add milk slowly until you obtain the preferred thickness. Then blend with high settings until every ingredient is thoroughly mixed.

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