How To Use Your OKRA Care Glucometer

 Using a glucometer starter kit.

Congratulations! By purchasing an OKRA Care glucometer, you’ve taken a huge step towards managing your diabetes effectively and improving your health. In this simple guide about using a glucometer, we will explain how to use a glucometer step by step so that you can confidently begin to manage your diabetes.

What Is Included in Your Kit

In your OKRA Care starter kit, you will find:

  • One OKRA Care Glucose Meter

This is the digital device that measures your blood glucose and gives you a near-instant reading. Learn about using a glucometer further down the page.

  • OKRA Care Test Strips

These are the small strips that you insert into the glucometer and infuse with a drop of blood.

  • OKRA Care Lancing Device

This is the device that you use to prick your finger and draw blood. Our lancer offers six different depth settings to accommodate different skin types.

  • 30G Lancets

These are the tiny metal “pinheads” that you use to prick your finger. Each lancet should be used only once and then disposed of safely.

  • OKRA Care Pouch

This is your handy carry pouch for keeping everything you need for using a glucometer together in one place. The rectangular shape slots easily into your handbag or backpack and zips closed to protect your testing gear.

  • OKRA Care Control Solution

This solution is used to check the accuracy of your blood sugar readings. If the control solution gives a reading within the range stated on the bottle, your OKRA Care glucometer is accurate.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

As it’s a digital device, you need a battery for using a glucometer. We have provided a long-lasting battery with your meter so you’re ready to use it straight away.

  • All-In-One Progress Tracking Log Book

Your logbook is the place where you will record the date and time of each test, together with any factors affecting testing (before or after a meal, before or after medication, before or after exercise). You can look back over your results over time to see how you’re going with managing your diabetes.

  • Quick Guide

We’ve explained everything you need to know in order to get started with our summarized quick guide.

  • In-Depth User Manual

Find comprehensive information about set-up, settings, error messages, and maintenance with our in-depth user manual.

Using A Glucometer: How To Use A Glucometer Step by Step

Using an OKRA Care glucometer is a straightforward process that only takes a couple of minutes:

Set Up Your OKRA Care Glucometer

1. Turn on your OKRA Care glucometer by holding down the power button.

2. Use the up and down arrows to set the date, time, testing frequency, and testing alarms.

3. Tap on the power button to save.

Set Up the Lancing Device

4. Twist the cap off the lancing device.

5. Insert a new OKRA Care lancet into the holding cup and replace the cap.

6. Turn the clear part of the cap to change the depth setting. You will see the number (from 1-6) in the small window below the cap. We recommend beginning at 1 and gradually increasing if needed.

7. Pull the end of the lancing device until you hear a “click.”

Using a Test Strip with Your Glucometer

8. Take a test strip out of the bottle and close the lid of the bottle tightly.

9. Insert the test strip into the top of the meter with the arrow pointing down. If the test strip was inserted correctly, the glucometer will turn on automatically.

10. Check that the display number matches the number on the test strip bottle.

11. The “insert blood” indicator will turn on. You are now ready to take a sample.

Obtain a Drop of Blood

12. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water or an alcohol swab and dry completely.

13. Press the lancing device firmly against the side of your fingertip and press the button to lance your finger.

14. Squeeze the lancing site until a drop of blood appears.

15. Using the glucometer, bring the device to your finger and lightly touch the testing window on the test strip to the drop of blood.

16. The meter will display your result within 5 seconds.

17. Select your activity or meal using the up and down arrows and tap the power button to save the results.

Pack Up Safely

18. To dispose of the test strip, hold the meter over a dedicated disposal container and press the eject button on the back of the glucometer.

a. Please note: Used test strips should be placed in a separate container with a secure lid rather than in the trash can, as blood can pose a health hazard to disposal workers.

19. Press the power button when you’ve finished using the glucometer.

20. Dispose of the lancet safely by replacing the cap and dropping the lancet into a clearly-marked plastic or glass jar or FDA-approved sharps container. Once the container is three-quarters full, seal the lid with duct tape and take it to an appropriate medical waste or sharps disposal facility.

Important note:

Some people might feel tempted to use a lancet more than once in order to reduce their sharps or save a few dollars.OKRA Care does not recommend reusing lancets, as a lancet can become dulled or bent with even one use and cause you far more pain with the next use.

For this reason, and to prevent infection, we provide the same number of lancets as test trips with every refill. Protect yourself and use the lancets only as directed in our guide about how to use a glucometer step by step.

An Easy and Affordable Way to Manage Your Diabetes

A middle-aged couple hugging.

As you’ve seen, using a glucometer is a quick and easy process that’s clean, safe, and fully portable. And with our instructions on how to use a glucometer step by step, you’ll be able to complete your tests at home.

At OKRA Care, we sell only glucose meters and test strips that are FDA-certified for accuracy and backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. As we sell directly to our customers — avoiding any middlemen — we are also able to offer you a price that’s at least 20% lower than most other companies and we always ship your products for free.

Simplify your diabetes and improve your health by purchasing an OKRA glucometer today!