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OKRA Pro Starter Kit (for 25 tests)

OKRA Pro Starter Kit (for 25 tests)

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OKRA is proud to announce the latest in diabetes management technology: a bluetooth glucose meter. This bluetooth diabetes meter syncs with our glucometer app to give you more comprehensive information about your diabetes, so you can live to the fullest and stay safe and healthy.

We know that living with diabetes requires a lot of you and your family— and sometimes, it can feel like the only thing you ever think about. Between testing your blood sugars, keeping your sugars at a safe level throughout the day, and keeping track of your diabetes management tools, the whole process can become overwhelming, especially if you already have a busy schedule.

OKRA Care helps you keep it simple and convenient.

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Take Control of Your Health with Easy Reporting Tools

Benefits of Using the OKRA Pro Bluetooth Glucose Meter

OKRA’s glucometer app stores users’ test results to help them manage their diabetes more effectively daily. You can connect your device to the mobile app via Bluetooth, and access precise glucose level readings.

The app provides useful health information for diabetes patients, in the form of charts, graphs, and other reporting tools. Some reports can include food log details on blood glucose levels during the following times:

  • Before Meals
  • After Meals
  • Post Medicine
  • Post Workout
  • Control Solution

Other Features

In addition to saving your diabetes test results, our bluetooth glucometer helps you keep your testing supplies fully stocked up. The app keeps track of your test strip count, then automatically orders more for you when it seems you might be running low. This is just another way that OKRA Care is working to make diabetes management easier for everyone.

The glucometer app will also send you notifications and reminders so that you don’t forget to test your sugars and log your meals. This feature can be life-saving on very busy days, giving you the little nudge you need to keep your sugars at safe levels.

To learn more about simplifying your diabetes care, explore our blog, browse our learning resources, and get in touch with us about any questions


Our glucose test kit is the perfect starting point for managing prediabetes, or Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Get an instant reading in 5 seconds coupled with a one-touch ejection to make it easier than ever to manage your health.

All of OKRA’s blood sugar test kits and monitors are FDA approved for quality, accuracy, and reliability.

What's inside the OKRA Pro?

1. OKRA Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

Our glucose meter makes it easy to get an instant reading within 5 seconds..

2. 25 30G OKRA Lancets

Our lancets are designed to minimize any pain involved in pricking your finger.

3. 25 OKRA Test Strips

For your convenience, you can customize your subscription by setting your quantity and delivery preferences if you need more.

4. Lancing Device

Our lancing device has 5 adjustable depths to meet your comfort level.

5. OKRA Control Solution

Our carefully-calibrated control solution ensures accurate test results and reliability.

6. OKRA Carrying Case

Our sleek carrying case allows you to conveniently store your blood sugar test kit for easy access.

7. Battery Included

All necessary batteries are included with our glucometer kit, so you can get straight to testing.

Beautifully Designed with Exceptional Quality

Not only do OKRA’s glucose test kits include all the supplies you need to make diabetes management easier than ever, but OKRA users love the friendly look and simple design of our monitors.

With sleek packaging that is both elegant and discreet, our kits actually look good in your medicine cabinet. Our thoughtfully designed products are one more way that OKRA helps our customers get back their life while living with diabetes.