Our Diabetic Supplies Benefits

The diabetic supplies sold by OKRA provide a number of key advantages.

We sell our diabetic supplies in bulk which makes them more affordable.
We also carry brand-name products as well as generic supplies for those that prefer them. There are also patient assistance or coupon programs that are designed to help diabetics get the supplies they need.

Every product sold by OKRA has received approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regarding reliability, quality, and accuracy. Specifically, the accuracy readings for the products we sell are within fifteen percent of laboratory-based values.

Adjustable lancing devices come with multiple adjustment depths which enable users to select the depth setting which is most comfortable to them.
This allows them to acquire capillary-based whole blood which can be utilized for the purposes of glucose testing.

App Integrated Management

  • Monitor and record on the app to keep track of your blood glucose level.
  • Gain smart insights about your diet and lifestyle choices based on your data.
  • Manage your subscription easily
  • Achieve your goals and get discounts through reward system
  • Easily consult with your doctors through remote monitoring system.

Manage Your Diabetes With OKRA Care Products

Our products does not require insurance since our goal is to make it affordable and accessible to everyone. Millions of U.S. Citizens are not insured properly, and insurance carriers sometimes drive up costs while creating barriers that make it difficult to procure essential diabetics supplies. We made the decision to remove the middleman so that our customers can enjoy the savings. Thus, we use a direct consumer-based system that is free of hidden fees.

To learn more about OKRA Care’s diabetic supplies benefits, contact us or call +1-833-977-1339.