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OKRA Refill Kit (for 100 tests)

OKRA Refill Kit (for 100 tests)

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Never get caught without your diabetic test strips again. Every OKRA Refill Kit contains enough glucometer strips to last you 1-2 months depending on your usage. And when you set up a recurring subscription of 100, 200, or 300 glucose test strips and 30G lancets, you don’t even have to worry about remembering to order more. Simply customize your subscription by setting your quantity and delivery preferences when you add the OKRA Refill Kit to your cart.

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What’s Included?

100, 200, or 300 OKRA Diabetic Test Strips

Enough glucometer strips to last you 1-2 months based on your usage.

100, 200, or 300 30G Lancets

Lancets with adjustable depths to meet your comfort level.

User Manual

Everything you need to know about how to use our glucose test strips and lancets.

Subscription Benefits

  • 10% Discount on Every Order
  • 100, 200, or 300 OKRA Diabetic Test Strips Compatible with the OKRA Meter
  • 100, 200, or 300 Lancets
  • An Adjustable Delivery Schedule to Meet Your Unique Requirements
  • FREE SHIPPING on All Orders
  • No Membership Fees or Hidden Costs
OKRA starter kit

OKRA Starter Kit

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First Time Here? Pair Our Refill Kit with the OKRA Pro Starter Kit

The OKRA Starter Kit comes with the essentials you need to use the glucometer test strips and lancets in the Refill Kit. With the Starter Kit, you receive:

  • 25 OKRA Diabetic Test Strips
  • 25 30G Lancets
  • One OKRA Pouch
  • One OKRA Control Solution
  • One Long-Lasting Battery
  • All-In-One Progress Tracking Log Book
  • Quick Guide
  • In-Depth User Manual

Unboxing the OKRA Refill Kit

Get a first-hand look at the diabetic test strips and lancets that will come in your Refill Kit.

Why do home tests have different results from a hospital test?

All OKRA diabetic test strips are made to measure the glucose levels of whole blood that contains red blood cells, while most hospitals use plasma to measure glucose levels without the presence of red blood cells. Test results from whole blood vs. plasma can have a 12-15% difference. It is important to choose a reliable glucose meter like OKRA’s, which is FDA approved and meets ISO 15197 standards, so that you can have complete confidence in your results.

Why are OKRA’s test results different from other brands?

It is not recommended to compare test results from multiple testing meters. Every glucose meter has a different setting and will vary for the same blood sample within 12-15%. This is normal and does not mean that your results are inaccurate. It is important to choose a glucose meter and diabetic test strips that you can trust to deliver accurate and consistent results.

OKRA Refill Kit

OKRA knows that managing diabetes can take up a lot of your time. Between doctor’s appointments, supply runs, monitoring your glucose, and tracking your supplies, diabetes can cut into your daily routine in a big way. That’s why our Refill Kit ships directly to your doorstep with as many diabetes test strips and lancets as you need, as often as you need them — so you have one less thing to worry about.

Set your subscription once and never think about it again.

Our Refill Kits will continue to ship at your selected interval. We collect your affordable payment automatically, and it’s easy to cancel your subscription if you ever decide that OKRA is no longer for you.

Customize your subscription by setting your quantity and delivery preferences when you add the Refill Kit to your cart. With OKRA, managing your diabetes is easier than ever. You’ll never run out of testing supplies when you need them.

The Supplies You Need At The Prices You Want

Our Refill Kit includes a generous supply of high-quality glucometer strips. Every shipment includes 100, 200, or 300 glucose test strips and the same number of lancets to last you up to 2 months. If you find you’re receiving more glucometer strips than you need, it’s easy to change your delivery settings in your online account. Plus, we keep our costs down by shipping directly from our facility. At only 15 cents a test, you never have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Top Quality Construction

Our Refill Kit is delivered straight from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to your front door. The team of leading experts behind OKRA has been making hospital-grade testing supplies for over 25 years. We use the most cutting-edge technology out of our facility in South Korea and source the best materials available to make our glucometer strips. Take a mini-tour of our facility to see how our diabetic test strips are made and read more about OKRA here.

Free Shipping Straight to Your Doorstep

OKRA products always ship to you 100% FREE. No exceptions.

No Insurance? No Problem

No need to worry if you don’t have insurance. We’ve made it our priority to make premium glucose test strips and lancets accessible to all. There’s never any insurance required when you order our diabetic test strips. Our affordable cost means that everyone can start managing their health today with OKRA.